With more than 90 million tourists per year, France remains the best holiday destination in the world. Considering its history throughout the centuries and its famous monuments, Paris is visited annually by more than 70 million tourists. We guarantee you that your stay here will be considered as the most memorable one.

The Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, the Opera and many more unavoidable places are waiting for you while you pass by the capital. We will guide you to discover many more prestigious and attractive places.


Located on the Mediterranean Sea, between Menton and St Tropez where colors and landscapes are built like dreams for artists and filmmakers. These places will move you from a set to another making you feel as the star of the day.


Many castles remain untouchable as they survived throughout the centuries. These feats of architecture became later on books we can learn from, they became as citadels you can dive into them in a royalty atmosphere and kings magic.


In general, wineries are castles representing by themselves a whole culture. Usually, they say to make a good wine you should not only have a prestigious address. However, traditions that were transmitted from a generation through another should be applied. You will discover places, learn from passionate, and see how wine is transformed.


We are Lebanese living for more than 22 years in France. We offer our knowledge and experience to the Arab world and to French society.

We are the link between cultures and traditions. Our mission is to bring people from different countries closer together through tourism, culture, investment and integration.


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